Uzbek Silk Brocade Chapan
Uzbek Silk Brocade ChapanUzbek Silk Brocade ChapanUzbek Silk Brocade Chapan

Exquisite, museum-quality brocade robe (chapan) in lush color with design of stylized vines and botehs. It is made even more interesting with a vivid fuchsia silk ikat lining.

A robe like this one would have been made for a wealthy client. A very finely woven silk chapan was a symbol of status.

The gold metallic thread is lustrous and the fabric has the loft of a much younger textile.The size indicates it may have been worn by a small man or perhaps a woman. It is a perfect piece to be displayed on a wall.

In excellent condition. 

Size: 52" Length, 34" Sleeve

Period: 19th Century

Price On Request.


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