Sumatra Lampung Tapis
Sumatra Lampung TapisSumatra Lampung TapisSumatra Lampung TapisSumatra Lampung Tapis

Sumatra in ancient times had a reputation as the Isle of Gold. It was a natural resource unique to the island which was traded along with spices. This is a spectacular and unusually large lampung tapis heavy with gold wrapped threads. The side seam has been opened to allow the entire piece to be viewed.

The large amount of gold wrapped thread intricately embroidered would certainly have adorned a prominent or noble wearer at an occasion of importance such as a wedding. The tapis is also ornamented with a row of sequins. A combination of striped dark indigo, maroon and brick red stripes compose the ground.

Excellent condition with a few very minor repairs.

Size: 52" x 42"

Period: 19th Century


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