Lampung Tapis Pucuk Rebung
Lampung Tapis Pucuk RebungLampung Tapis Pucuk RebungLampung Tapis Pucuk RebungLampung Tapis Pucuk Rebung

This Lampung tapis with cotton stripes of brick red, caramel, indigo and dark brown ornamented with gold wrapped thread make for such a pleasing design. Pucuk Rebung means bamboo shoot and its elongated triangle is a common motif found in the designs of the Lampung tapis. This piece likely would have been worn by a mid-life Mother attending ceremonies like a wedding. The alternating bands of squares, diamonds and triangles with a stylized border of leaves and vines touched with a bit of green silk thread make for dramatic visual interest.


I love the verticality of the pattern. Very good condition with something written near one border which may have been to identify it.


Size: 47" x 48"


Period: Late 19th Century or turn of the 20th Century.   SOLD


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