Lampung Tapis
Lampung TapisLampung TapisLampung Tapis
The Lampung tapis was an expression of affluence, fashion and status. Hand-woven cotton ground in caramel, brick red and black stripes hand-dyed with natural organic dyes.  Grounds were always horizontally striped to add additional layers as in this case of gold wrapped thread in pyramid like shapes. This tapis has further significance as it also has a message embroidered in elaborate gold lettering.

Written in an old Lampung dialect these messages were often romantic in nature although I am unable to translate here. This particular tapis likely would have been worn by an elite young woman for theatrical dance or ceremonies such as a wedding. The top part is time-worn with some of the gold thread missing making for an interesting contrast almost like a patina. Otherwise very good condition.

Size: 42” x 40”

Period: Late 19th or turn of the 20th Century


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