Uzbekistan Bedcover
Uzbekistan BedcoverUzbekistan BedcoverUzbekistan BedcoverUzbekistan Bedcover

SOLD. A striking hand-made block printed textile from the early part of the 20th Century. This style of Uzbek hand block textile known as “chitgarlik" was a mature artisan craft as long ago as the 11th Century A.D. for merchant trade along the Silk Route. Intricate wood blocks called “kalybs” were made to apply pattern with natural dyes from plants and minerals. The slightly off register quality is characteristic of this process.

These patterns are uniquely Uzbek drawing upon the vivid embroidery designs of the suzani and not to be confused with Indian prints. Early 20th Century pieces like this are quite rare as modernization in printing machinery became preferred for speed. But the rich artisan quality of these pieces could only be produced by hand. Today there has been a movement to revive this craft by learning and employing ancient techniques.

Very Good Condition.

Size: 90" x 76"

Period: Early 20th Century


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