Kerman Embroidered Shawl
Kerman Embroidered ShawlKerman Embroidered ShawlKerman Embroidered ShawlKerman Embroidered Shawl

A “patteh” or embroidered shawl from the Kerman province in southern Iran. This is a particularly fine example both densely embroidered and richly colored. Made from the finest Spring wool the base fabric or “ariz” is hand-dyed with natural organic elements like the indigo seen here, as well as pomegranate skins, madder, henna and walnut husks.

The decorative designs are derived from symbols originating in ancient Persia, the Cypress tree, the “boteh” or “bent tree” both symbolize strength and endurance and the central and bordering suns are symbols of mythology often based on the Zodiac.

In very good condition with a few small repairs. Recently lined. 

Size: 84” x 53”

Period: 19th Century


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